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A small selection of our latest works made for our valuable customers

Award Winning Short Film

Full Production

Client: Polygon Film

YouTube Series

Full Production

Client: FHP

Flexography Engineering Company

Visual Communication - IT

Client: Vianord Engineering s.a.s.u.

Video Game

Concept - Production

Client: OB1

Board Games

Concept - Design - Realization

Client: Kickstarter Project


Cover - Layout - Graphic Design

Client: Best selling author "Dean De Servienti"

TV Channel

Concept - Layout

Client: HFC TV

No Profit Corporation

Communication - Graphic Design

Client: Audiobook Words Awards Academy

No Profit Corporation

Promotional Video Production

Client: Renaissance Evolution Inc.

Import-Export Company

Corporate Identity

Client: Planifolia Ltd.

Yachting Services

Visual Communication - Website

Client: Seastars

Yachts Food Supplier

Visual Comminucation - Website

Client: ER Excellence Supplies